About the Station

The Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa (DIRCO) launched an online, 24-hour radio station aimed at enhancing communication on South Africa’s foreign policy in October 2013.

The station, named Ubuntu Radio, is accessible on the Internet, at www.ubunturadio.com, and on DSTV Audio Bouquet Channel 888 and is the rst of its kind on the African continent. The station is the rst to operate under the auspices of a government institution for non-commercial purposes. Its operating format is that of a “talk radio”.

The objective of Ubuntu Radio is to create a platform for exchange of views and opinions by various stakeholders. These include opinion-makers, think-tanks, academics, scholars, students, diplomats and other key players in the eld of diplomacy and international relations.

By design, the targeted listenership is not limited to South African citizens, but includes the international community. Through this station, DIRCO continues to raise public awareness and stimulate public discourse on South Africa’s foreign policy.

As a multimedia platform, Ubuntu Radio is immediate, reaches many parts of the world and runs live broadcasts of major DIRCO events, announcements, and campaigns. Furthermore, this station has become a major source of reliable, recent and trusted news on South Africa’s foreign policy.